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One of the key benefits of our system is the integrated state-of-the-art technology, for instance the digital surround decoder. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to conjure up the sound of a tropical rain shower or waves breaking onto a beach with dolphins singing in the background, although you’ll be in a normal bedroom or therapy room. You can select the sound settings you want – room acoustics plus waterbed acoustics, room acoustics only or waterbed acoustics only.
The amplifier components are developed by DENON, a leading force in Japan in the field of maintenance and training. Its professional products are respected in terms of autonomy, standards of high quality, long life and technical innovation. As a leading Japanese manufacturer of top quality HiFi and audio-visual components, DENON has earned a name for itself worldwide as a top developer of hardware and software.
Sound is transmitted using waterbed sounding devices, which convey vibrations into the water mattress via a metal membrane. Only with this advanced technology is it possible to permanently transmit a very high frequency bandwidth without damaging the sounding devices. The high bandwidth is therefore really important, because it means that subbass (max. 80 Hz) as well as voices, singing or the sound of musical instruments (between 20 and 2000 Hz) can be transmitted through an acoustic waterbed. Our system can permanently transmit frequencies (between 20 - 2000 Hz) to the water mattress, without damaging the mattress or itself.

The future’s already here!

With AQUA SURROUND, your waterbed will be fit for the new millennium.

So you can dust off the conventional image of your bedroom as a place purely for sleeping and storing clothes!
Transform your bedroom into a new dimension – for instance an oasis of relaxation or a wellbeing room, where you can give yourself a sensory treat. And this feeling is further enhanced with all the advantages of a waterbed, such as snug warmth and comfort without any pressure on specific points of your body. With an AQUA SURROUND system, you could transform your traditional bedroom on a Sunday afternoon into a tropical rain forest or perhaps after work on Monday into a concert venue for your favourite band.
By integrating a monitor or TV screen, you can experience the fun of feature films, holiday videos, computer games or the internet as if you were actually there. Relaxing has nothing to do with peace and quiet, but with being able to remove oneself from the everyday stress, in other words switching off. Not just at night-time, but whenever you want to give yourself a treat. Make your bedroom a place where you can replenish your body, mind and soul – where the emphasis is on wellbeing. The more stress we encounter in our daily lives and the more stress-related illnesses we suffer from, the more important it is that we have an area within our own four walls in which to unwind.
The whole thing may still seem a bit strange to you, but we assure you – the future’s already here!

Technical information

Our waterbed sounding devices are based on the principle of the tuning fork, which we have developed and patented. The frequencies to be transmitted are transferred into the water layer via a metal plate, which incorporates a distortion. This technique is familiar for instance in steel drums, where the steel drum produces a different sound each time the metal undergoes a distortion, or of course the tuning fork, which transmits its vibrations as soon as it is struck against another body.
The loudspeaker frame manufactured especially for us to produce the frequencies to be transmitted has undergone a number of technical enhancements for waterbed application, such as an optimized transmission range of the voice coil, a reinforced outer membrane and reduced useful depth.
Technical data: 8 ohms, 600 watts RMS, 20 Hz to 2.5 KHz, 16 kg. Our sounding devices are manufactured in multinorm standard of 75 cm x 50 cm, which means they can be integrated into nearly any waterbed having a pedestal height of at least 16 cm. If there are drawers beneath the bed, the top two drawers have to stay closed.


Special technology is used to produce structure-borne noise. The system is quick and simple to assemble – generating vibrations that can be physically sensed. The resonance frequency is 40 Hz and functional range 20 to 80 Hz. It is possible to operate more than one SHAKER system through series connection.
A shake system is not a waterbed music system or acoustic waterbed!! Its sole purpose is to produce shaking vibrations: absolutely no sound is generated. It is therefore not possible to subtly differentiate between different sounds.

Waterbeds for therapeutic use

Weightless – The water mattress can contour to the exact shape of your body providing perfect support at every point, eliminating pressure on specific parts of your body. Water mattresses are therefore often used for people convalescing as they are excellent for the prevention of bedsores. Users have the feeling of weightlessness when they are lying on a water mattress.
Relaxation – The relaxing effect of music and noises has been used for quite some time now in the therapeutic sector. Recordings of heart beats, deep sounds or pieces of minimalist music have proven to have a particularly calming impact. The effectiveness of water as a sound carrier further enhances the impact.
Movement – The rocking motion of the water conveys a feeling of safety and security, akin to being in the womb. This wave motion can also be triggered by people with physical disabilities, thus evoking new physical experiences which would otherwise only have been possible with difficulty if at all, given their disability. This beneficial effect is exploited in movement therapy.
Therapy – The special feature of music waterbeds is that they convert acoustic stimuli into vibrations you can actually feel. The vibrations of music and noises are applied to the surface of the water mattress, making it possible to feel them all along one’s body. This sensory perception of the music also enables patients with limited hearing to experience new things, which would otherwise be closed to them.

Highest requirements in therapy

The AQUA SURROUND music waterbed was developed in cooperation with experienced therapists. It meets all the requirements of day-to-day therapeutic work. The specially designed music system is highly efficient. It is structured so that standard components can be used for the frame around the water mattress. The mattress has been tried and tested by hospitals. The covers can easily be removed, are suitable for boiling and may be dried in automatic driers. They are therefore very hygienic to use with a high turnover of patients in the bed. Additional hygienic protection can be provided by fitting a waterproof sheet around the entire waterbed to protect against bed-wetting.

Waterbeds are used in many branches of therapeutic work:

• as an aid in facilities for severely disabled children and adults;
• for specific application in movement and music therapy;
• as a means of support in physiotherapy treatments;
• for deep relaxation and autosuggestion;
• as an ideal form of therapy for people with multiple disabilities, thanks to the complementary effects of wave motion, heat and physically sensed vibrations;
• for integration in an antenatal room or sensory rooms.
Manufacture to meet professional needs

AQUA SURROUND systems are manufactured for users in the professional sector. High demands are placed on acoustic waterbeds in the therapeutic sector. The frequent use (often for several hours a day) calls for optimum quality. And to ensure this quality, the AQUA SURROUND system only incorporates components from respected manufacturers. For instance, the musical equipment contained in the system is developed by DENON, a well-known name throughout the world.
We see our AQUA SURROUND system being used on a daily basis as a tool for all types of waterbed sonic wave treatments (for instance music therapy and sensory rooms). A craftsman who has to rely on his tools each and every day will hardly buy his tools from a self-service market or from a catalogue. He will go to the specialist shop to find out what tools are available and test them out. There are currently over 100 waterbed specialist companies in Germany displaying an AQUA SURROUND system in their showrooms. Each of these specialist shops boasts a wealth of experience in the waterbed business and is therefore the perfect partner for anyone interested in having a waterbed set up at their premises.
And remember: a waterbed needs care and maintenance. With our services offered throughout the country, help is but a short step away.